We offer you the best rates in the world to make call to anywhere you need!! simple as that.
we are proud of our rate and you can see them in rate list section.
once you open an account and fund it (minimum payments 5€) you can use your credit to call.

You can use "YourDialer" application to make calls on your mobile phone. you can also see your remaining balance on the application or in your dashboard account on website.

There is no subscription or Sign-up charge.

The quality of voice has dramatically improved over the past few years. Currently, calls have voice quality that is at or above the quality of a landline phone.

Please note, though, that voice clarity can differ from provider to provider, and usually depends on the speed (and quality) of your broadband connection. If you want to find out whether or not your current broadband connection supports the service, you can ask our support for test call.

No, you do not need a computer for using the services. However, you do need an existing broadband Internet connection with smartphone to use the "YourDialer" Application.

Sometimes when you calling someone, you need to show your real "Number" to receiver, the application has a possibility to Add your number to show to receiver when you call.
Just will be for "show your number" in in reality you are not using your number or sim card...you are calling using our application with our rate.

No, you can start calling without sim card or having a mobile number.

Yes, we offer more than 150 countries in our service. You have to put just the country dialing code before start calling.

No, It depends on countries. You can check the call rate (per minute) in the Calling Rate section

YourDialer is available for two most popular Smartphones/Tablets Operating Systems

Check the link https://yourdialer.me/en/application

Just choose your store and download it instantly from the respective store!